A linear thermosensitive detector is conceived to detect the rise of environmental temperatures and send an alarm to the addressable/linear control panel. It is composed of two coated cables. When the temperature limit is reached, the two cables melt together and generate a fire alarm. The cable is not resettable.

To check their efficacity, periodical tests can be performed using the key selector of the end of line box.

Two different models are available, based on the protective coating:

EPC – made of a protective coating in fireproof vinyl, it is conceived for commercial and industrial indoor applications. Low absorption of humidity, resistance to many common chemicals and excellent adaptability to low temperatures are just a few of the many features of this type of coating.

XCR – made of a high-performance fluoropolymer coating, it is conceived for outdoor use as well as for difficult indoor applications. The features of this low-melting coating include optimal resistance to chemicals, abrasions, high temperatures and harsh weather. XCR is the only detector that has been FM approved for environmental corrosion.