The intelligent addressable fire alarm systems represent the most important part of fire detection ranges, together with the fire control panel that is the core of the system. Riellofire has designed, developed and produced in our R&D Dpt. in Italy a new control panel with the most advanced technologies.

In an interconnected world dominated by networks, the XFIRE, XFIRE control panel has been designed starting from the network itself, unlike most of the traditional fire control panels on the market.

The idea was to create a relatively small control panel, consisting of 1 up to 2 loops for a total of 480 on field devices, with the possibility of creating a wide network of control panels, interconnected both locally and on the web.
With the following advantages:

a) Considerable saving in electrical cables.
b) Simple and easy system management.
d) Easy events identification.
e) Total interaction among the control panels.
f) Direct connection with EVAC evacuation systems.
g) Web server connection.

Furthermore, the intelligent addressable Riellofire range, one of the most complete in the fire detection market, is completed with a range of full addressable wireless fire devices (intrinsically safe detectors and call points, IN/OUT mini modules, magnets, sounders, etc.) and by a gas leak detection line fully addressable too.